Letters to the editor are a terrific way of opposing the MGE billing scheme. You can help drive public discussion, encourage editors to cover the issue further and shape public policy regarding an issue. Below are some tips to increase your chances of having a letter printed.

1. Be timely and concise

Letters that are short and timely are much more likely to get printed. It’s especially helpful to keep letters under the paper’s word limits (200 words) and to mention a recent news story or commentary.

2. Make sure it gets noticed

To get their attention, be sure to include mention of Madison Gas & Electric (MGE) and the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin.

3. Personalize and target your letter

Letters that speak from the personal experience or expertise are more effective and memorable than ones that simply list facts. Let the readers know why you feel the way you do about an issue. Adding anecdotes, quotes, and personal stories ensures the reader will remember your arguments.

4. Don’t be afraid to use humor, wit, or creativity

Anyone can appreciate a bit of humor or a dash of creativity, just be careful not to cross the line and sound sarcastic, snarky or aloof. Exaggeration and hyperbole can create distrust with readers.

5. Include contact information

Unless you are representing an organization, send from your personal email account and be sure to include your home address to increase the likelihood of getting a letter printed.

6. Keep it accurate and credible and positive

Make sure what you say is accurate and that you’re not exaggerating. Avoid overt negativity or personal attacks that may turn other people off.