coaltruthreportcoverThe Coal Truth – May 2015

RePower Madison has released The Coal Truth report to help inform Madison Gas & Electric’s shareholders and the Madison community about MGE’s reliance on polluting and expensive coal power. The Coal Truth report is based on public documents and statements from MGE and other experts regarding the utility’s deep commitment to coal. MGE has the highest commitment to coal, and the highest rates, of any Wisconsin utility.

Download the Report – May 2015

View the Press Release – May 18, 2015


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Coal Addiction: MGE’s Real Problem

MGE’s ownership shares of the recently “upgraded” 40-year-old Columbia coal plant and the brand-new Elm Road coal plant supply a full 70% of the electricity to the Madison area when operated as projected. But both plants are plagued with reliability problems leading to massive cost overruns.

Limiting carbon pollution from electric generation, as the EPA is now proposing, will make these plants an even greater financial liability for MGE’s customers. With these investments, MGE has locked us into coal power for decades to come, and the resulting high carbon footprint.

Download Coal Addiction: MGE’s Real Problem