News Coverage on 100% Renewables Approval

News Coverage on 100% Renewables Approval

On Tuesday, March 21st, 2017, Madison’s Common Council voted unanimously in favor of a 100% renewable energy goal for city operations. This is fantastic news for Madison’s community and our future! We’ve compiled a list of some of the news coverage of the resolution’s approval. Check them out!

  • Plan Approved to Bring Renewable Energy to Madison – WMTV (Video)

“’This is a forward moving resolution. Madison is in the forefront of an intelligent future. By using clean renewable energy, we can make Madison a leader,’ said RePower Madison Board Member Janice Knapp-Cordes.”


  • Madison Approves 100 Percent Clean Energy Goals, up to $250,000 for Consultant – Abigail Becker, The Cap Times

“The resolution calls for hiring an expert to assist city staff in developing a plan that would move the city toward using only renewable energy and achieving net-zero greenhouse gas emissions. Madison’s 2017 capital budget already includes $750,000 for sustainability improvements, including renewable energy installations and energy efficiency upgrades…

“’In a time of inaction at the state and federal levels, cities need to lead,’ Ald. Denise DeMarb said in a statement. ‘Cities need to continue to move towards a sustainable future, creating good jobs and a future we are proud to hand over to our kids.’”


  • WORT FM nightly news clip on Madison’s 100% renewable energy goal – WORT 89.9 FM


  • Madison Common Council Approves Goal of Reaching 100% Renewable Energy in City – WMTV

“According to a press release from RePower Madison, the next step will be for the city to issue an RFP for a consultant to help develop a plan to move city operations to 100% renewable energy.”


  • Wisconsin’s Capital City Sets a High Bar with Ambitious Renewable Energy Goal – Kari Lydersen, Midwest Energy News

“While the resolution is largely non-binding, it mandates the plan be developed and regular reports on progress to the City Council. The 100 percent goal will be written into a revised version of the city’s sustainability plan, and will be overseen by the Sustainable Madison Committee, made up of 18 citizens appointed by the mayor.

The plan due in January 2018 ‘will give people a sense (of) what the building blocks are and how they might arrange them,’ said Sustainable Madison Committee chair Raj Shukla. ‘We’ll give policymakers as much flexibility as possible, and a very clear understanding of what the tradeoffs are. There are real limitations on what a city can do outside its operations. But what it can do is use its bully pulpit, and encourage businesses, utilities and other entities to follow suit.'”


  • Madison City Council approves agreement with Airbnb to collect room taxes, sets energy goals – Logan Wroge, Wisconsin State Journal

“Most of the focus of Tuesday’s meeting was on the city’s ambitious energy goal as dozens of supporters showed up.

‘City government can control how it operates, and this resolution empowers city staff to develop a plan, including target dates and benchmarks, for achieving 100 percent renewable net-zero carbon goals,’ said Sustainable Madison Committee chairman Raj Shukla. ‘The vote you cast tonight is the culmination of nine months of community discourse and community leadership, but it’s really just the beginning.’

The $250,000 will come from $750,000 allocated for sustainability improvements in the 2017 budget. The city will submit a request for consultants to develop the plan, and Shukla said he hopes a consultant will be selected by June or July.

The plan is set to be presented to the council by January 2018.”


  • Mitch Henck talks with Mitch Brey from RePower Madison about Madison’s 100% renewable goal – Madison Talks


  • Madison, WI Commits to 100% Renewable Energy – Josh Marks

“‘Madison’s historic commitment to 100 percent clean energy shows that we are determined to lead the way in moving beyond fossil fuels that threaten our health and environment,’ Madison Common Council Alder Zach Wood said in a statement. ‘The benefits of a transition to 100 percent clean energy are many. These goals will drive a clean energy economy that creates local jobs, provides affordable and sustainable electricity, and results in cleaner air and water. I am proud to be a part of this council that has made the historic commitment that will lead our community to a more sustainable future.’”


  • 25 US Cities Have Now Committed to 100% Renewables – Climate Action

“Madison, Wisconsin and Abita Springs in Louisiana will transition to 100 per cent renewable energy following respective city council votes on Tuesday 21 March.

Both cities are the first in their states to commit to sourcing the entire communities’ power demand from renewable energy… The Sierra Club commented that the results of Tuesday’s votes show the growing bipartisan support for alternative energy development.

A Gallup poll conducted last year found – for the first time – a majority of Republicans and Republican-leaning independents prefer an alternative energy strategy.”


  • 25 Cities Now Committed to 100% Renewables – Lorraine Chow

“The Solutions Project, which aims to make clean energy accessible and affordable for all, is advocating for towns, cities, states and even the whole country to convert its energy infrastructure to renewables… The authors found that converting the nation’s energy infrastructure into renewables is ideal because it helps fight climate change, saves lives by eliminating air pollution, creates jobs in the rapidly booming renewable energy sector and also stabilizes energy prices.”


  • Two More U.S. Cities Go All-In With Renewables – Joseph Bebon

“According to the Sierra Club, more than 70% of Madison voters cast ballots supporting Hillary Clinton in November, while nearly 75% of voters in St. Tammany Parish, where Abita Springs is located, supported Donald Trump. The group says Tuesday’s 100% clean energy commitments illustrate the common and bipartisan benefits that renewable energy presents to both big cities and rural towns alike, from lower energy costs and local job creation, to pollution reduction and climate mitigation.”


  • Another Two U.S. Cities Establish 100% Renewables Goal – Betsy Lillian

“In response to the new commitments, Jodie Van Horn, director of the Sierra Club’s Ready for 100 campaign, says, ‘Whether you’re Republican or a Democrat, from a liberal college city or a rural Louisiana town, clean energy is putting America back to work and benefiting communities across the country. That’s why Madison, Wis., and Abita Springs, La., today join the ranks of 23 other cities and towns across the U.S. that are going all-in on clean, renewable energy.'”


  • Madison Common Council to vote on 100 percent renewable goal – Trina La Susa, Madison Commons

“If adopted, up to $250,000 would be authorized for a consultant to help develop a 100 percent clean energy plan over the next year. The plan would detail how the city can sustainably meet needs for energy use in electricity, heating and transportation by using only renewable energy.

This resolution is one element of the Energy Work Plan approved by the City of Madison in 2016. According to a press release from RePower Madison, a local renewable energy group, an aggressive energy goal like this would position the City as a leader in clean energy efforts and help address global climate change.”

Want more information? Check out this recap of earlier news coverage of the RePower Madison campaign, and look at information on the earlier Energy Work Plan passed by the City of Madison in 2016, which this new goal builds on.