MGE Annual Shareholder Meeting Results

MGE Annual Shareholder Meeting Results

A group of Madison Gas and Electric shareholders, called MGE Shareholders for Clean Energy, introduced a proposal at MGE’s annual shareholder meeting for the first time in company history on May 16th, 2017. The resolution called for the utility to lead a study into how they could promote the electrification of transportation and provide renewable energy to fuel electric vehicles, fleets, and mass transit in the Madison, Wisconsin area.

Despite a statement of opposition from the MGE Energy (MGEE) board of directors, the resolution received support from more than 7 percent of the company’s shareholders, which is a huge step for a proposal just introduced this year and considering the limited resources of the grassroots group. This is also above the threshold of 3 percent required to reintroduce a resolution the following year, which gives the group time to garner more support.

Listen to this clip from WORT FM news to hear from Beth Esser, one of the shareholders, about the resolution’s goals, and how the MGE Shareholders for Clean Energy want MGE to become a real national leader in clean energy and set the vision for what needs to be done to address climate change.



Additional remarks were made by MGE Shareholders for Clean Energy at a press conference before the meeting.

Two other articles detailing information about the shareholder resolution and the results of the meeting were published by and the Wisconsin State Journal. Information is also available at