How to improve collaboration between Madison & MGE

How to improve collaboration between Madison & MGE

How to improve collaboration between Madison and MGE

 An agreement between MGE and Madison is being considered by Madison’s Common Council and its committees.

The Proposed Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) does:

  • Encourage city staff and MGE to talk about solar energy, energy efficiency, electric vehicles, transportation, social equity, and economic development.

Talk is not enough. You can raise your voice to ask the city to improve the MOU.

Attend a committee meeting and give public comment or email .


Please Fix these Problems:

No Public Involvement or Citizen Oversight

  • Meetings between the city and MGE should not be held behind closed doors. Public matters should be discussed at Open Meetings, not secret meetings.
  • The public should be welcome and invited to observe.
  • A report to the public should be given monthly at every SMC meeting.

No mention of “Coal”

  • Coal is used for about 2/3 of Madison’s electricity from MGE’s two coal plants.
  • MGE’s coal plants are expected to run until 2038 and 2050. We can’t wait that long!
  • Madison and MGE should talk about getting Madison off coal (and make a plan)!

No mention of Fair and Affordable Energy Bills

  • MGE has the highest electric rates in Wisconsin.
  • High fixed fees were the original reason the city and MGE began negotiations.
  • High fixed fees discourage energy conservation and cause customers to save less money from renewable energy and efficiency.

No Partnership and No Funding

  • MGE promised a “Community Energy Partnership.” This proposal fails to produce such a partnership. MGE does not even endorse the city’s energy goals in the proposed MOU.
  • The agreement should be rewritten and modeled off the Minneapolis Clean Energy Partnership. The award-winning partnership in Minneapolis is funded in part by money from their utilities.


Click here for links to the proposed MOU and list of Collaborative Topics as of July 17th. 

This item was referred to the next SMC meeting:

August 21st at 4:30pm Room 351 of the City-County building.

Hope to see you there!