Great things MGE can do!

Great things MGE can do!

Could MGE be more ambitious? Here are some amazing things RePower Madison thinks MGE can do to truly show leadership.

mgebillPropose Progressive Rates to Create Affordable Bills

Increase customer control over bill by reducing electric and natural gas fixed fees to 2014 levels for residential and small business customers in proposal to PSCW for 2017 rates.

  • Do not add new demand charges or distributed generation specific charges.
  • Improve net metering policies with supportive buyback rates, annual true-up, and by including value of solar.

Reduce Greenhouse Gas Pollution

Reduce emissions of greenhouse gas pollution by 60% by 2030 including electric and natural gas sources with a 2005 baseline and mass-based measurements.

  • Reduce Madison’s dependency on fossil fuels by divesting from coal and gas plants.

Solar panel against blue sky

Become a National Leader in Clean Energy

Provide 50% of energy from renewable sources and reduce overall energy use from current levels by 25% (through efficiency) by 2030.

  • Cooperate with 3rd party installers and reduce insurance requirements.
  • Pursue 5 community solar or renewable energy projects by end of 2017.
  • Develop, offer, and promote behavioral efficiency programs.
  • Overhaul Green Power Tomorrow program.
  • Remove barriers to interconnection.
  • Seek new regulatory models.

mgeshareholdersReform MGE Corporate Practices and Business Model

Become a Certified B Corp by 2018 and discuss at 2016 Shareholder Meeting.

  • Form a Community Partnership with oversight of plan progress and rate proposals.
  • Add new members to MGE Board of Directors to reflect community values.
  • Increase corporate investment in building a sustainable energy system.
  • Be a good corporate citizen. Align lobbying with public statements.
  • Base executive compensation on clean energy metrics.

Solar in Madison WisconsinSupport Government Clean Energy Initiatives and Goals

Be in full compliance with City and County sustainability goals by 2020 and publicly support the Clean Power Plan.

  • Coordinate with local government clean energy efforts.
  • Publicly support a higher Renewable Electricity Standard and the Clean Power Plan.
  • Publicly support the need to address human-caused global warming.


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