Can MGE and Madison Agree on Future Energy Goals?

Can MGE and Madison Agree on Future Energy Goals?

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The next Sustainable Madison Committee (SMC) meeting is coming up on July 17th at the City County Building Room 351, located at 210 MLK Jr Blvd. During this meeting, a Memorandum of Understanding, or agreement, is being discussed between MGE and the City of Madison. This agreement is sponsored by the Mayor and has the purpose of establishing a framework for ongoing collaboration on shared energy goals between the City of Madison and MGE.

There are concerns with the proposed agreement. The current language is weak, and it does not compel MGE to make any changes. Critically, the draft fails to mention utility rates, despite mandatory fees being the issue that initiated these discussions. Surprisingly, “Coal” is also missing from the discussion even though Madison gets about 2/3rds of its electricity from MGE’s coal-fired power plants.

Due to these issues, we are asking for public support to attend this SMC meeting to voice concerns over the agreement and ask for MGE and the City to revise the agreement to accommodate stronger language and include these important topics that are currently missing.

The agenda for the meeting is available, as well as a list of collaborative topics and the resolution. If you are interested, you can compare the current MOU draft between Madison and MGE to the MOU that created the Clean Energy Partnership in Minnesota.

RSVP to this event via Facebook or Eventbrite. We hope to see you there!