Solar in Madison WisconsinRePower Madison is composed of citizens whose goal is to increase citizen involvement in energy planning.

Our current campaign involves pushing Madison Gas & Electric and other stakeholders in the area to rapidly expand renewable energy generation and deliver energy savings.

RePower Madison’s long term goal is to spur MGE to implement a plan that reduces Madison’s dependence on fossil fuels while fostering economic development and equity.


What do we want?

  • We want MGE to be a national leader in clean energy.
  • We want customers to have more control over their bill by reducing fixed fees.
  • We want more ambitious goals and a timeline for ending our dependence on coal.
  • We want MGE to value the community’s well-being in decisions by becoming a certified B Corp.
  • We want customers to have a real voice in planning our community’s future.
  • We want an inclusive process to develop an ongoing Community Energy Partnership that brings all stakeholders together at once.
  • We want more efficiency programs, less pollution, and no new fossil fuel plants.
  • We want MGE to publicly support the Clean Power Plan.
  • We want transparency and honesty from MGE.


Our community needs a plan for the future. Let’s stand together today, and ask for a better tomorrow.


Questions? Reach, RePower Madison’s Project Manager, Mitch Brey at or call 920-323-9585.